Foot Massage

Foot Massage

foot reflexologyButterflies Therapies offer a Foot massage service which is becoming a popular treatment which they are able to provide in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch areas.

Massage therapy for your feet

With enhancing relaxation massage therapy on the feet, the client may receive benefit from a boosted  blood circulation throughout the feet, legs and body, released tension from tight muscles, tendons and ligaments and relief from pain in toe and ankle joints often associated with arthritis and other similar conditions.

The loosening of stiffness in this area allows smoother and gentle flexibility in the toes and ankles as well as potentially a reduction in stress and tensions that an individual may have.

Feet are often neglected day by day in our busy lives and yet we subconsciously have high expectations of them to carry us through long tough days. Why not treat them to some deep relaxing massage therapy?