Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage

BUTTERFLIES THERAPIES NOW OFFER RLD – reflexology lymphatic drainage


Lymphoedema is defined as tissue swelling due to the failure of lymph drainage. After breast cancer, for example, a person may experience psychological or emotional difficulties due to altered body image, and a swollen limb can exacerbate this.

Research suggests that survivors with lymphoedema are more likely to suffer psychological and emotional difficulties, be more disabled, and experience a poorer quality of life than survivors without the condition. Improved breast cancer survival rates suggest that approximately 2:3 women survive the disease beyond 20 years. This means that more people are living longer with this debilitating side effect for which there is currently no cure.

Other ailments and illnesses it can benefit also include:

·         Arthritis

·         Asthma

·         Eczema 

·         Parkinsons

·         Chronic fatigue 

·         Fibromyalgia

·         ME 

·         Sinus problems

·         Migraines 

·         Headaches

·         Muscular tension 

·         Aches and pains  

·         Premenstrual Syndrome 

And other auto immune disorders.

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